The Pride of Perkins


Founded in 2016, the Payne County Stockyards, which is one of the newest, modern facilities in the state, was established to serve as North Central Oklahoma’s premier cattle market exchange.

With hundreds of years in combined farming and ranching experience, the Collum and Rains families’ united resources bring the Payne County Stockyards - a pillar of the Perkins community - to its full potential. With the entrepreneurial gene, both families, and their respective small businesses, are proven positive economic catalysts to the Perkins community.

Knowing this auction market is vital to area producers' livelihoods, the Rains and Collum families are securing a solid business foundation ensuring the longevity of the stockyards.

In addition to quality livestock, the Payne County Stockyards is a place for farmers, ranchers and observers to gather, fellowship and eat at the H&R Cattle Co. Cafe.


Brad Chapman
General Manager

Brad Chapman joined the Stockyards’ family in July of 2018. Brad graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelors in Agricultural Education/Animal Science in 2006.

After college, he worked for Semex, a bull stud company based out of Canada. He then returned to his family’s dairy farm and managed it for six years. He began teaching Agricultural Education in August 2013 through June 2018.

Brad along with his wife and children operate an Angus and Simmental herd of approximately forty cows. His passion for cattle and agriculture run deep, and he looks forward to marketing your cattle with an honest and fair approach.


Bailey Ballou
Lead Auctioneer

A native of Elgin, Okla., Bailey Ballou is no stranger to the sale ring. In fact, as the 2012 World Champion Livestock Auctioneer and 2006 Oklahoma State Auctioneer Association Champion, his cadence has graced livestock auctions across the country.

He currently serves as lead auctioneer for the Payne County Stockyards and Oklahoma National Stockyards, and as the founder and CEO of Champions' Chant Auctioneer School. His unique rhythm and tremendous land and cattle background make him a significant asset for the Payne County Stockyards.

Britney Spence
Office Manager

Kelly Plummer
Yard Manager
(12 years running)

Edna Westfall
Sale Day Assitant

Keeping the well-being of our livestock as our main priority not only keeps their quality of life high; it also makes our business more competitive. 

We do this by keeping livestock safe, comfortable and healthy. Our family-owned stockyards employs 24/7/365 yard hands who not only utilize the methods and techniques of our management system, and we also take the necessary steps to verify their compliance.

We’re certified through the Livestock Marketing Association and stand by their code of marketing standards and principles. This means our hands have been certified according to program guidelines. 

Facility Guidelines:

  • Livestock received at the Payne County Stockyards will be handled and treated appropriately.
  • Aggressive handling or improper treatment of livestock is prohibited and should be immediately reported to management.
  • All livestock are monitored upon arrival to determine their fitness and marketability. Management reserves the right to refuse unfit or unmarketable livestock.
  • Non-ambulatory animals cannot offload at our facility due to strict USDA market slaughter guidelines.
  • Any livestock injured on property will receive swift, appropriate treatment.
  • Held-over livestock will have access to feed and water within 24 hours - or sooner - as prescribed by law.

By investing in proper job training we can help ensure risks to employees and animal health and safety are minimized.