Weekly Sale

Weekly Cattle Sale :: April 19

What a great day it was to be at the stockyards. We all owe you guys a huge thank you for supporting us with your buyer's numbers and your cattle on consignment.

Could you think of anything better to do than spend a nice April day at the sale barn surrounded by more than 900 head of cattle - 917 to be exact - brought in by more than 100 consignors?

Whether you bought a chicken fried steak dinner from the cafe or a trailer full cattle, we really enjoy hanging out and getting to know each one of you each and every week.

Among the stories being told and the shenanigans within the sale ring some other highlights that happened today were:

  • 31 head of steers brought in from Cushing, averaging 457 lbs @ $193.75
  • Another group of 17 black steers averaging 347 lbs @ $209.00
  • 25 black heifers from Cushing averaging 325 lbs @ $172.00
  • A group of 4 black steers from Perkins averaging 807 lbs @ $133.00.

Don't wait to read about next weeks highlights and numbers, join us live and in person. 

Weekly Cattle Sale :: March 22, 2017

We are happy to report we had more than 100 head of carb-free, no-vegan, pure Oklahoma beef for our buyers to choose.

The numbers:
We ran 472 head of cattle from 84 sellers from all over the state, in front of 63 registered buyers, which allowed 41 of them to make a purchase.

If you were not able to join us last week, you will have your chance this coming Wednesday as we shine it all back up and do it again starting at 11:00AM.

If for some reason you can't make it, be sure to join us on the inter-web at http://www.lmaauctions.com for a live broadcast of the sale.

We really enjoy being able to work hard for your business and provide a premier market for everyone in the area.

Weekly Sale :: March 15

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the weekly sale. It started off pretty chilly in the morning, but it seemed to warm up as the cattle started coming through the ring.

322 head from 67 different consignors ran in front of 52 registered buyers with 33 individual buyers pulling the trigger and making purchases.

This sale was the first one  broadcast on http://www.lmaauctions.com, which everyone will be able to tune in on sale days starting at 11 a.m.

Thanks for your support and we look forward to seeing you next Wednesday.