April 4, 2018 Market Report

Light run this week, but demand on light fancy cattle still decent. Feeders were cheaper and while good stock cows steady. Butcher cows and bulls are 3-5 higher. Don't forget about our Stock Cow sale April 21st and Feeder Special on May 9. Thanks to everyone and we look forward to seeing you back next week. Here is this week's Market Report...

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March 28, 2018 Market Report

Light run of calves with good activity and no feeders to test. We are all so thankful for the moisture we have received. Don't forget Special Cow Sale April 21st at 1 pm, and Feeder Special May 9th. Hope everyone has a fantastic Easter weekend, as we celebrate the resurrection of our Savior.  Here is this week's Market Report, and we look forward to seeing you all back next week...

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March 22, 2018 Market Report

Good run of stockers with the market and demand being surprisingly good, considering lower futures and dwindling prospects of graze out wheat. Rain is coming and spring is here, so were gonna be ok!! Stock cows are steady as well as butcher cows and bulls. Thanks to all, and don't forget our Special Cow Sale on April 21st at 1:00 pm.  

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March 14,2018 Market Report

Good Run. Pray for rain, as we will see more cattle come to town as hay piles deplete. With a softer feeder market we are losing some pep in the stocker cattle market due to the missed rain chances in graze-out wheat country around us. Butcher cows and bulls were a pinch softer with good stock cows still in high demand. We are planning another cow special for the end of April so keep a look out, and get with us for all your marketing needs.  Here is this week's Market Report... 

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March 7, 2018 Market Report

Hey everyone! Thanks to all who contributed to the over 600 head of cattle we had at our weekly sale. We appreciate your continued business and support, and enjoyed seeing all of you that came out and joined us Wednesday. Come back next week for an opportunity at 35 quality black heifer pairs. For any further details or questions please call Mike Godberson at 918-285-6818. Here is this week's Market Report...


February 28, 2018 Market Report

Moisture makes for a good market... There was great demand for all classes. Butcher cows and bulls are 2-4 higher. There will be a BIG Cow Sale this Saturday, March 3rd. We will have something for everybody, including 30+ replacement bulls!!! Plenty of opportunity Saturday so come join us, sale starts at 1 PM. Here is our weekly Market Report...

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February 14, 2018 Market Report

Great day for a great sale with over 500 head of cattle. Market was strong, especially on grazers. Still great demand for nice replacement cows. Butcher bulls and cows steady to 3 or 4 higher. Sold a straight load of fleshy mixed colored steers weighing 781 @ 140.75. Thanks to everyone who made this another great week and don't forget about our Special Cow sale March 3rd at 1:00 pm. For any questions or further details please call Mike at 918-285-6818. Here is this week's Market Report. 

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February 7, 2018 Market Report

Light run after a few cold mornings and anticipated wintry weather that we missed. Market was really snappy on all classes of cattle present. We expect a good run next week, and we are gearing up for a really nice offering of cows for our March 3rd sale! Call barn for details or to consign. If you need any help working your calves or culling cows please call Mike @ 918-285-6818. Here is this week's Market Report...


January 31, 2018 Market Report

We had a lighter run than expected at this week's cattle sale, with a total head count just shy of 400. Super active market on all classes, especially weaned stockers. Had several new buyers present and look forward to seeing you all back again. Mark your calendars for our Special Stock Cow Sale on March 3rd @1 pm. Please call Barn Manager, Mike Godberson,  for further details, or to consign. Here is this week's Market Report... 

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January 24, 2018 Market Report

We are very appreciative of everyone's business and are thankful for the 527 head of cattle we had at this weeks cattle sale. We are excited about what's to come here as spring will be here before you know it. We will be having a Special Cow Sale on March 3rd, please call barn Manager Mike Godberson @ 918-285-6818 for further details or to consign. We look forward to seeing everyone next Wednesday @ 11:00 am for our weekly cattle sale. Here is this week's Market Report. 

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